Degrowth & Portugal

The #Degrowth movement is growing in Portugal and Galicia.
A rede de #Decrescimento tá crescendo em Portugal e Galiza.

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Yesterday and the night before were 2 meetings here in Lisbon to build upon the already growing body of people interested in Degrowth ideas. On Friday night in the GAIA centre in Alfama, there was a full house for the weekly evening meal, with 3 short vid presentation followed by a very lively discussion about Degrowth, local issues, how to build up the network etc, facilitated by Álvaro Fonseca and Jorge Leandro Rosa. The discussions only finished after midnight! It feels like the start of something absolutely needed and whose time has come. Then yesterday evening in ISCTE-IUL university there was a presentation from Álvaro Fonseca which turned into a lively discussion about all sorts of issues.
Recenly there have been 2 very important global Degrowth conferences, the first in Malmo, Sweden (See #degrowthmalmo and #malmodegrowth) and then the First North-South Conference on Degrowth, Mexico City, 2018. Also, in 2 days time is the Degrowth conference at the European Parliament in Brussels. On top of this the UK and US degrowth networks are also growing.
Next month in Galicia the 1st Degrowth congress will happen there, organised by Rede de Decrecemento Eo-Navia I Galiza I O Bierzo. Their energy is a major factor, it seems, in stirring activists in Portugal to get more organised.
While there are no major groups here yet, there are lots and lots of local projects of varying scales that can be seen as degrowth solutions. It seems a challenge is to connect the groups, projects, people to start co-ordinating and start wider implementation of ideas and practice. While there has been much criticism of what is wrong, which is absolutely critical. There seems to be a need to explore both what alternatives can be created and how we can go about creating the required change. In this regard, we hope some of the things Ecocity Lisboa has been exploring and suggesting will prove useful.
The Climate Crisis is not some far away thing, it is a reality that already exists for much of the worlds peoples, especially poorer communities. The time for action is now and this moment can be seen as a battle between right and wrong. Whereas 10 or 15 years ago those active in Eco issues were considered the crazy ones, now it seems all agree (finally!!) that global warming and climate change are problems and everyone wants to “Save the planet”, so we have established the WHY. We are not fully sure of WHAT a just and ecological scenario will look like, especially in regard to what % of the worlds population will live in cities, what sort of economic security they will have, where their food and energy will come from… but there is much discussions and alternative visions offered. But a critical issue is the HOW… How will we manage to make the change. How can we create a culture and community that is appealing to all, offeres varying scales of solutions and is led from the bottom up, from people in their streets and neighbourhoods, to their towns and cities, toward fair distribution and use of the worlds resources in a way that does not “Cost the Earth”.. It can appear overwhelming, but we are hopeful that this change is possible. Not only that, but its already underway in places like Rojava in Syria and Barcelona, where #Municipalist strucutres based on a feminist way of political organisation is already underway and growing around the world to other towns and cities through the #FearlessCities network… Yes, we are hopeful.
So get connected and lets build up this adventure together..

Further infos and reading / viewing:

(Facebook post of this post with links here)

** International:
6th International Degrowth Conference, Malmö, Sweden (21-25 August 2018)
All the plenaries from our Malmo conference, available here!
Degrowth conference at the European Parliament!
Brussels, 18-19 September 2018
** Rojava
The revolution in Rojava: an eyewitness account
Rojava Keynote at Malmo (vid): A challenging struggle for self-determination and survival – Yasin Duman 22 Aug 2018
#1. Stateless Democracy: The Revolution in Rojava Kurdistan [part 1]
** Barcelona + Fearless Cities
Is Barcelona on the verge of a feminist revolution?
Municipalism and the Feminization of Politics
Fearless Cities: the global municipalist movement
** Local + past events in Portugal:
6 e 7 de Outubro de 2018 – I Congreso de Decrecemento
Rede de Decrecemento Eo-Navia I Galiza I O Bierzo
14 Sep: Encontros sobre o decrescimento
19 May: Diem25 Lisboa DSC 001: conversa sobre Decrescimento com o ativista ambiental Álvaro Fonseca no ISCTE
** Ecocity LIsboa proposal for Degrowth and Future Cities:
Adapt or Die. Kicking our Oil Addiction to create Post-Capitalist Community led Ecocities
Decroissance_Plus de liens.jpg
Degrowth Snail, via Álvaro Fonseca

2 thoughts on “Degrowth & Portugal

  1. Great news via ‘Research & Degrowth’:

    Our Degrowth petition now published at The Guardian, supported by over 200 European scientists!

    Tomorrow it will be published in other 15 languages, all over Europe, along with an open petition for anyone to sign. In occasion of the conference at the EU Parliament.


    FB post:


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